Paweł Badeński

Paweł Badeński


Paweł Badeński in his day to day job cranks out the code, and after the business day ends he becomes a philosopher and searches for patterns and abstractions in IT. His main interests focus aroundsoftware design forces, programming languages, human aspects of computer programming. Currently he works for ThoughtWorks Europe.


The Catcher in the Code

Language: EN

If you could ever imagine one reason the source code is all about – it is communication. And while communicating your goal to the computer is essential, it is the other human being – a fellow programmer, who desperately needs you to tell them your intent well and clear. It takes a journey to become a grown-up software developer and to master the skill of making your code to say what your brain can only imagine. I will try to give an insight into some of the lessons I learnt on my journey about the different way of communicating with the code and how to get it to „speak its mind”.

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