Patrycja Węgrzynowicz

Patrycja Węgrzynowicz


Patrycja Węgrzynowicz is a software visionary and expert specialized in automated software engineering and Java technologies. She is the founder and CTO of Yonita, Inc., a California-based start-up with focus on automated detection and refactoring of software defects, including security vulnerabilities, performance and concurrency anti-patterns, and database issues.

She is also associated with Warsaw University of Technology, where she serves as Technical Manager of Passim/Synat, an intelligent search platform. Patrycja is finalizing PhD in Computer Science at University of Warsaw. She is a regular speaker at major academic as well as industrial conferences, including JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone, OOPSLA, ASE, and others.

Patrycja’s interests focus on patterns and anti-patterns in software along with automated software engineering, particularly static and dynamic analysis techniques to support program verification, comprehension, and optimization.

You can follow her on Twitter at @yonlabs.

Presentation I:

Automated Refactoring of Performance and Concurrency Anti-Patterns

Language: EN

What is the difference between O(n^2), O(log n), and O(1)? What happens if we design too long critical section? What about fine-grained communication in a distributed environment? These are not only academic questions, these are real-world problems. Even though enterprise applications usually do not require fancy algorithms, they often operate on relatively large data-sets in highly concurrent and distributed environments.

This talk presents several performance and concurrency anti-patterns along with a tool demo to automatically refactor them. We discuss performance anti-patterns related to slow data structures, inefficient data- and call-flows, and suboptimal critical sections. Then, we explain how such anti-patterns can be refactored to more appropriate structures applying the best strategy based on their usage patterns, yet guaranteeing the same semantic. During the demo we show how Yonita Optimizer improves an exemplary application. We also present the results of optimization for an open-source projects, including the before and after execution times along with the refactored code available to download.

Yonita Optimizer is a source-to-source pre-compile refactoring tool with a focus on performance optimization. It performs in-depth data- and call-flow analyses to infer about the behavior of a program (including usage patterns of its data structures) and further applies the optimal strategy to inefficient cases.

Presentation II:

Security Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Java Libraries

Language: EN

Everyone knows the importance of software security. A successful attack against an application can result in a wide spectrum of negative consequences, including the cost of a business interruption, the cost of stolen or compromised data, and a damage to the reputation. Considering a huge and still-growing technology stack used in the average enterprise application, it is extremely difficult for developers to be aware of security aspects of each and every library in their stacks. This talk presents a summary of security vulnerabilities found in popular open-source Java frameworks. We discuss such security issues like code injections, XSS, information leakage, and others. The presented open-source projects include a dependency-injection framework, web frameworks, JPA providers, and application servers.

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