Martin Gunnarsson


Great programmers are usually lousy designers, and vice versa, but Martin is one of those rare crossbreeds who can handle both. Martin is a JavaOne Rock Star<>, and has been speaking at many different software development conferences around the world. He enjoys creating beautiful user interfaces, and has worked with many different client side frameworks the last few years, including JavaFX, Android, SproutCore and Cocoa Touch.

Presentation I:

Java FX Introduction

Language: EN

Swing has been a great retainer for years, but with today’s focus on rich user interfaces, many Java applications can benefit from using JavaFX instead. The question is, how do you manage that when you’re stuck with a an old Swing front end? This presentation starts with a typical Swing application and replaces parts of it with a shiny new JavaFX interface. During this transformation event listeners are replaced by JavaFX bindings, hardcoded color constants are replaced by style sheets and instead of the limited HTML support in Swing, the JavaFX WebView component is used to display formatted content. After this presentation the audience will have a thorough understanding of how JavaFX can replace all or parts of a Swing user interface.

Presenation II:

JavaFX Mashups

Language: EN

A mix of content or functionality from two or more Web-based services has become known as a mashup. This presentation takes the mashup concept one step further by mixing Web content and scripts with a JavaFX program, effectively blurring the line between Web and application. This is made possible by the powerful WebView component of JavaFX. The session shows how to display Web content in a JavaFX application and how to set up two-way communications between the Java code and JavaScript code run in WebView. It includes several cool and creative examples based on this technique.

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