Marcin Sawicki


Marcin Sawicki: „I hate computers. But I tend to keep them in check, so they don’t interfere with my work. Automation helps, and I learned that there is no such thing as too much automation. When it comes to programming, I love to make things scale and distribute, by any means necessary. Polyglot coder living the devops way. Currently Systems engineer at Hadapt.”


Jenkins and Continuous Delivery

Język: EN

Continuous Delivery is an extension to broadly acclaimed Continuous Integration. Attendees will posses a solid understanding of how to efficiently implement Continuous Integration. They will be able to customize Jenkins to meet various common requirements, integrate with artifact repositories, reporting tools and fit Jenkins into deployment schemes. Since Jenkins (or Hudson) is a fairly popular tool and there is a plenty of entry level tutorials for Jenkins available, our workshop will not concentrate on those. Instead, we will be sharing project-won experience and try to teach things you cannot easily learn yourself. We’ll show how to make your life with Jenkins smoother and your build pipeline more robust.

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