Jacek Laskowski

Jacek Laskowski


Jacek Laskowski works as a professional software specialist in IBM’s World-wide WebSphere Competitive Migration Team. He assists customers in their migrations from competitive offerings, mostly Oracle WebLogic Server, to IBM WebSphere Application Server. Jacek uses a variety of commercial and open source solutions to design and develop enterprise solutions for his clients. He develops applications, writes articles, guides less experienced engineers, records screencasts, delivers courses and has been a technical reviewer for many IT books. He regularly speaks at developer conferences. For his achievements he’s recently been appointed to the IBM Academy of Technology. He blogs at http://blog.japila.pl (en) and http://blog.jaceklaskowski.pl (pl). Follow him on twitter @jaceklaskowski.


Apache Tomcat + Java EE 6 Web Profile = Apache TomEE

Language: EN

It nearly impossible to imagine a Java EE landscape without Apache Tomcat – one of the many application servers supporting Java EE 6 web applications. It’s neat and a very lightweight platform for web applications of any kind. Some would warmly welcome the other features of a full-blown Java EE 6 application server – CDI, EJB, JAX-RS, and perhaps JMS. Rather than composing your application server yourself, give TomEE a try!

In this presentation you’ll find out what the Java EE 6 Web Profile offers and how little it takes to learn TomEE with or without prior familiarity with Tomcat.

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