Henri Kerola


Henri Kerola is a co-author of Scaladin. He’s a software professional whose main expertise areas are on web and Java technologies, and lately he has been interested in Scala. Henri has been a part of the Vaadin team since 2007.


Building Vaadin Applications With Pure Scala

Language: EN

Vaadin is a server-side Java framework for building rich internet applications. Since it’s a Java framework, any JVM language can be used to create applications with Vaadin. Since each language has its own characteristics, adding some convenience methods can enable taking full advantage of the language with Vaadin. This presentation introduces Scaladin, a wrapper library that provides a pure Scala API for Vaadin.

Compared to other Scala web frameworks Scaladin provides a different approach for building web applications: It’s possible to create rich internet applications with a component-based server-side API without HTML templates, taglibs, XML configuration or even JavaScript. The presentation introduces Scaladin and shows key concepts and ideas behind it. For demonstration purposes, a web application is written on stage. The step-by-step tutorial uses a full Scala tool chain to build the application.


Getting started with Vaadin

Language: EN

Vaadin Framework is a Java framework for creating rich internet applications with desktop-like API without HTML templates, taglibs, XML configuration, plugins or JavaScript.

This tutorial session introduces Vaadin Framework and explains key concepts behind it. New features in Vaadin 7 are also presented. The presentation shows how to start development with Vaadin 7, and an application is written on stage.

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