Hardy Ferentschik


Hardy Ferentschik is Senior Developer at JBoss and member of the Hibernate dev team. His primary interest are in the area of intra- and internet search. Within the Hibernate team he is the project lead of Hibernate Validator and core developer for Hibernate ORM and Search. Hardy is a frequent speaker at JUGs and leading software development conferences like JAOO or JFokus.

Presentation I:

Hibernate Search talk

Language: EN

In this talk we will cover a lot of ground, so buckle up. We will start with an introduction into freetext search and its concepts. Then we talk about the popular Open Source freetext engine Lucene and how Hibernate Search uses Lucene to bridge the gap between O/R model and fulltext search allowing for a easy integration of both technologies. This is followed by an introduction to the data grid platform Infinispan and how it fits into the picture. One the one side Hibernate Search can use Infinispan to store the Lucene index in the data grid, on the other side Infinispan uses Hibernate Search to implement a search functionality across the clustered data. We will finish of talking about Hibernate OGM (Object Grid Mapper) which is the latest Hibernate project combining Hibernate Core, Search and Infinispan in yet another way.

Presentation II:

JPA into the Cloud – Introducing OGM and OpenShift

Language: EN

Clouds are an interesting deployment platform, but managing state in dynamically scalable environments is not an easy task. There exist a whole range of different NoSQL solutions with strong differences in performance, capabilities, reliability, isolation and ease of use. In this talk we discuss briefly the different NoSQL solutions and show where Hibernate OGM (Object Grid Mapper) fits into the picture. ORM is built on the robust and proven Hibernate ORM engine and helps you to port existing Hibenrate/JPA applications to alternative storage engines decoupling application code from a specific NoSQL solution. We also have a closer look at Red Hat’s OpenShift Cloud solution and how we can use it to deploy a sample OGM application.

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