Gustaf Nilsson Kotte

Gustaf Nilsson Kotte


Gustaf Nilsson Kotte is a full stack web developer at Jayway with an interest in architecture, design and systems thinking.

He has a MSc in Computer Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, with double specialization in Software Engineering and Computer Languages.

Gustaf currently works in Malmö, Sweden. His twitter handle is @gustaf_nk.


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse of Connected Devices

Language: EN

…or „Combining HTML Hypermedia APIs and Adaptive Web Design”.

HTML is the lowest common denominator in a world where the number of connected devices is steadily growing. In such a world, our API should be hypermedia driven and we should consider choosing HTML as the media type for our APIs. If we do so, we can enhance the API with CSS and JavaScript, making the API human-friendly as well. Further, we can use Adaptive Web Design to make the best possible experience for all types of browsers and devices.

This kind of solution has some risks and technical issues related to it though. And it is not a silver bullet (silver bullets don’t kill zombies anyway).

The presentation is based on the article „Combining HTML Hypermedia APIs and Adaptive Web Design”, which has received praise from leading voices within the REST community:

  • “read this. let it sink in. then read it again. very smart stuff here.” – Mike Amundsen
  • “Awesome article on a combined mobile/desktop/API strategy using #hypermedia APIs and HTML” – Jon Moore
  • “Wow, it also got a RT from @fielding “@hypermediaapis: Combining HTML Hypermedia APIs and Adaptive Design”” – C Galtenberg

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