Jessica Kerr


After a dozen years of quiet development in C and Java, Jessica Kerr has emerged to speak at conferences and user groups. During the day she implements a Java-based web application for a startup whose name must not be revealed before launch. At night she studies functional programming, teaches two children how to stay crazy, and parties with user groups. Her goal is to meet other developers and spread her enthusiasm for learning and growing.

Presentation I:

Functional Principles for Object Oriented Development

Language: EN

How is an expert OO developer to improve on his craft? By learning from other paradigms! These six principles of the functional style can apply to OO. Some of these principles are part of good practice already; some express patterns both old and new; all give us different ways of thinking about problems. For developers without expertise in functional programming, examples in Java provide new techniques for writing clear, quality code.

Presentation II:

Git Happens

Language: EN

Let’s face it: DVCS is here to stay. But what’s the point? There’s a million tutorials on the internet that tell you what to type in Git, but not why! Go one level deeper: A few straightforward concepts and some pictures, and git will magically make sense. Learn how to use DVCS to tell the story of your project. You’ll get the point of all those extra steps in committing and updating; erase some Subversion-related preconceptions; and grasp the purpose of fast-forward merge, cherry-pick, and rebase. I promise: absolutely no demos.


Android Essentials

Language: EN

The Android platform makes it easy to get started, hard to get it right. This workshop will move you along that spectrum, explaining essential concepts and components of Android. You’ll learn about lifecycles of processes, applications, activities, and fragments; the four components of Android apps and how they communicate; and options for local data storage. Two hours of explanation can save dozens of hours in the documentation: skip some of the work and get to the fun part of building a useful app for your Android device.

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