Jakub Kubryński


Kuba is a software developer for whom coding is both work and hobby. Focused on enterprise class systems and strongly interested in new technologies and agile methodologies. Professionally related to PayU where he is responsible for software development. Privately – fan of java.util.concurrent and sun.misc.Unsafe


Microbenchmarks – performance in the smaller scale

Language: EN

A lot of us encounter the dilemma of choosing one of many possible solutions to the specific programming task. The first method to compare their performance that comes to mind is to use System.currentTimeMillis() before and after execution. But how can we be sure that the simplest answer is also the best one? We should note that ignoring the constraints of the Java Virtual Machine architecture often give us false conclusions which leads to wrong design decisions.

So how to properly measure the execution time of the loop processing or method call to get meaningful results which can then result in increased performance on production environment? During the presentation I will outline potential pitfalls in the benchmark implementations and show the methods and tools that can be used to solve this issue properly.

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