CFP analysis in progress. Introducing the Programm Committee.

The analysis of the Call for Papers is in progress. In the meantime we would like to present the members of the Programm Committee. Those are the people, who help us pick the presentations for the upcoming conference:

  • Slawomir Sobótka
    Application programming architect specializing in Java technologies and effective use of software engineering achievements. Trainer and consultant at Bottega IT Solutions ( ). Enthusiast of Software Craftsmanship.Enthusiast of Software Craftsmanship. His interests contain broadly defined software engineering: architecture of high-performance Web-based systems (CqRS in particular) modeling (DDD in particular), patterns, agile manufacturing processes. As a hobby he is interested in psychology and cognitive science.
  • Piotr Bucki
    CTO and head hunter in j-labs. 7 years of working as a Java developer, then a technical leader and an IT Security consultant and 3 years of being a CTO and coowner of the company led to a balanced view on needs of technolgy and business world. His main interests concern the security if IT technologies, with a focus on web technologies (he has an ISC2 CISSP certificate), Privately he enjoys mountain biking. He has attended every JDD since 2006.

  • Dominik Radziszowski
    is a Ph.D. in technical science and an IT expert specialising in distributed systems, Director of Technology at XTRF Translation Management System, follower of agile methodologies and tools for effective management of IT projects. He provides leadership and management to the IT department in its mission to deliver systems and services that meet the demanding business needs of customers and users of XTRF TMS. Dominik is an author of many publications and holder of many industry certificates (including SCJP, SCJD, and SCEA) and former assistant professor at the AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland.

  • We will be publishing datails about the selected talks during the last week of September.